I have always felt a strong pull towards playing games. Board games, video games, and puzzles. I've been designing games off and on since a child and though I have only one mass produced game to show for it, (i.e. Dumb Luck) I do have a large array of game prototypes and ideas for games that I would love to develop with others. The following is a short list of some of the games I've designed or developed with others:

Lard! - A race to feed your face board game. Players race around the streets filled with fast food joints and pizza parlors on a quest to gain the most weight while still being able to afford to do so

Helluva Deal - A card based version of a politically incorrect board game (Helluva Nite) where players must collect their unemployment money, score some drugs, pick up a prostitute, order a pizza, beat up a redneck, and sneak into a concert before their opponents

Road Kill - A video game where you must drive your car through outlandish terrains while smashing through anything that breathes (for more points)

Heroes - A board game where you must attend to emergencies to one-up your heroic opponents in an ever changing city. Players could at any moments turn from good guys to bad guys or back depending on their successes out in the field fighting crime

Dumb Luck
As mentioned earlier, Dumb Luck, is currently the only game I've made that is available for sale. It is a deluxe board game/poker chip set that captures the excitement of Las Vegas in the comfort of your home. Dumb Luck combines poker, blackjack, slots, war, and other great games of chance within a race to the penthouse room of a fictional casino. To make the game even more interesting, it is also set up to be played using real cash buy-ins from each player. Designed as an alternative to poker night (but certainly accommodating them by design) this game was intended to appeal to even players that are not poker-stars as “anything can happen in a game of Dumb Luck!”

Please check my game out HERE.

Now some of you may have clicked on the GAMES link from my website expecting to play a game right now!

Well, okay... there are a few options for you from here. You can play a couple of different mini golf courses I have included in my website HERE and HERE.

Or you could try to guess the 12 picture puzzles below.
Keep in mind that each numbered image translates to a single word and that these 12 words DO NOT make a sentence together.
(example: The answer to align box is “Before” (i.e. Bee + Four))

(If you are stuck for the answers, click HERE)

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