RISK! Editor
I placed this element of my skill set at the very top because it is what I am certainly most passionate about. I'm currently the head editor for a fantastic New York based storytelling podcast called RISK!

RISK! is a podcast (free-downloadable audio entertainment) where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public. It’s like This American Life for adults only.
You can hear RISK! at www.RISK-show.com!. I’d recommend that you start with the following episodes:

(click above to check out the two latest Best of RISK! episodes)

here are just a few of the RISK! stories I've edited:

I Don't Know How To Love Him - Melanie Hamlett

For Benjamin - Joe Lasala

The Straight Men - Barry Rothbart & Mike Ennis

Beyond Kink Camp Pt. 1 - Kevin Allison

(Listen for a couple of songs I composed in this one at 15:08 and 23:09)

Going Down -Eric Martin (interpolated with Miracle by Ghost Beach)

The Choke - Shari Cleland

And here is a sample of the classic Audiobook: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, one of several audiobooks edited for Cherry Hill Publishing

Music Composer
I've created music for as far back as I can remember and tend to hear music wherever I go. Though I have collaborated with several musicians, I’ve usually focused on doing my own thing. In 1993, I honed my experimental sounds into a project called Musical Palsǝy. I produced four albums under this name as well as a pilot for a radio program called Mangled Meditations. In 2009, I was inspired to create Mangled Meditations as a monthly show by myself. The show itself is a blend of sounds both recorded and borrowed, reconstructed and composed in unusual and unexpected ways. Since the show itself is a bit like drugs without the ill-effects, I decided to promote my show to an international psychedelic-savvy audience and to date have produced 22 episodes. Each monthly episode is like a separate album and ranged anywhere from 40-120+ hrs of audio edit work per 30 to 60 minute journey.

Mangled Meditations was not only a realm that I could experiment and learn new techniques, but it was from this podcast that I began submitting musical interstitials to the RISK! podcast. It wasn't long before I was editing short stories, then long form stories, and am now editing most of the content as well as remixing the old episodes. I hope to continue my work with RISK! as well as bring on new projects to work with. I am certainly quite creative and flexible when it comes to working with a producer's needs. In addition to bringing forth new ideas to a client needing free audio editing skills, I keep up communication along the way and pride myself on meeting tight deadlines.

Here are just a handful of musical works I've created:

Little Drummered (from Mangled Meditations #11)

Scooby Trax (from Mangled Meditations #18)

Two Step Blues (from Mangled Meditations #14)

Solve This (from Mangled Meditations #13)

Psycho Fraggle (from Mangled Meditations #5)

Cartoon Pain (from Mangled Meditations #6)

Pepe's Washer (from Mangled Meditations #4)

Funky Talk (from Mangled Meditations #14)

Um... A Song (from Mangled Meditations #22)

Felis Catus - (from RISK! #324 - Your Attention Please)

You can find full episodes of Mangled Meditations HERE!
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